Casting for Film Shoot

Casting Call for film shooting at locations in Southend

We're shooting in Southend on 24th & 25th November and we are in need of 3 - 4 actors to come on board for the production. Here's what we're looking for -

Leads: 2 x Girls (playing age 18 - 21) One girl is has an alternative style (nose piercing, dyed hair) One girl is has a natural style (red or brown hair) Ideally both girls are friends in real life so we can capture real moments of friendship

Extra 1 - Mother (playing age 45 - 55) The mother and daughter don't get on well together. Extra 2 - Mean Chip Shop Owner (playing age 35 - 50) He needs to look and act mean to one of the girls who works in the chip shop.

If interested mail - If people can send through reels / pictures that would be great.

Don't reply to SOSAC but email to address above

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