How To: Post Your Event

Getting Started

First begin by either making an account, or logging in. You can access this on any page, on the header bar to the right, where it states "log in". Or looks like the image attached

If you don't have an account, and are a SOSAC member, sign up, and wait until your account has been verified by an admin.


Once you are logged in, have a look round the members area, which you can access at back where you logged in. From checking notifications, changing private account details, and modifying your own profile, this bar is essential in connecting you to the members area, and will serve as a tool to go to and from the main website and the members area. If you have any questions, then please get in touch regarding this particular topic.

Throughout the members area, you will be granted a place to write about your group or collective, and you will be given an entire account for your use. You can change all of this information, and your profile page will be visible to other site users - so make your profiles look great and smart!


Posting An Event

Now that you are logged in and accustomed to the new members area, go over the the "EVENTS" page, and find the category that best fits your group/company/collective.

Here, you will find a button that will bring you to the Event draft.

You will be able to write about your post, or ask important community questions for people to respond to.


Disclaimer: you must abide by the rules, and any post which is deemed inappropriate, or an admin finds a deliberate misuse of the platform, the event will be removed.

Each member gets to post at least once a day. You will be able to comment on other Events and discuss with others in the community as many times as you wish; but, to reduce spam, we have limited posting to once a day per member.

Now by the time you have gone through all of these steps, you have most likely phased through many other elements. An important thing to note is that this Event hub is a brilliant new way to get your events out into the arts community, and therefore learning to use it is essential if you wish to tap into the new tool.

More informational posts will be posted here soon. If you have any special requests for a blog of this nature - for a specific issue you're having - then get in touch and we'll be sure to consider making another for your issue, or helping you straight away.

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