Nasty Neighbours near you soon

Mr. and Mrs. Peach’s favourite neighbours emigrate to Australia, leaving the grieving Peach’s anxiously twitching the net curtains of their suburban cul-de-sac home waiting to see who will be moving in next door. Unfortunately, far from their dreams of the ideal couple, a flash, young couple, the Chapmans, turn out to be their new neighbours. As a mutual hatred for each other develops, the neighbours begin an intensifying feud which climaxes in a bitter ending.

This hilarious black comedy, written by Nativity’s, Debbie Isitt, is a play which most audiences can relate to as we all experience new neighbours at some point in our lives, with the one big question being, who is going to move into the house next door?

Rescheduled from May 2020 and then May 2021. Read more

New Show Dates: Thursday 14th - Saturday 16th October at Dixon Studio, Palace Theatre.

Tickets: £15

Generous group discounts are available.

Prices shown are inclusive of any applicable booking fees.

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