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Alice Ryan
Oct 25, 2020
In Film Hub
Hello Southend! Hope everyone is well and staying safe! I'm posting on behalf of ARK INDIE PRODUCTIONS and our 3rd short film that will be having a limited release on HALLOWEEN! This was made by local creatives and was organised during lockdown, shot once restrictions were lifted and we had a blast! If you love a bit of horror and have 15 minutes to spare on Halloween between 6pm and 12am then take a look at our facebook page! "How well do you truly know well as you know yourself?" We're sharing our brand new short film 'SEE WHAT SHE DID' for 1 night only! on FACEBOOK and INSTAGRAM ARK INDIE PRODUCTIONS, so far, as 2 short films under its creative belt, ‘OFF THE HOOK’ and ’THE WOODS NEAR JACOB’S FARM’, tackling themes of mental isolation, fear, deep psychological issues and drug culture. Founded by Samantha Anderson, the films fall within the thriller/horror genres, attempting to take the audience out of their comfort zone with plot twists, hidden messages and plenty of subtext.  The new short ’SEE WHAT SHE DID’ features two close friends, Cassie and Stephanie, as they embark on a camping trip in the woods, to be alone and enjoy a hedonistic night together. But things go a step too far, and questions arise…how well do you truly know someone, as well as you know yourself Please share this post with your friends and family, and be sure to follow us Ark Indie Productions to get free access to 'SEE WHAT SHE DID' when it's online on Saturday, 31st October. We'd love to know what you think of our film! It features Samantha Anderson and Elena Clements and was directed by Daniel Keeble and produced by Alice Ryan. For more information on the film : Instagram : Twitter : For more info follow us!!
Alice Ryan
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