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Sue White

I am an artist with over 25 years experience in teaching art and have recently turned professional to follow my passion. I live in Thundersley and continue to exhibit my artwork and take on a large range of commissions. I love painting mainly in oils or acrylic but I'm quite comfortable using any medium. I tend to lean towards portraiture, animals and wildlife but enjoy any subject and find creativity in the most unusual places.

Recently, I've been inspired by the seasons and folklore so have begun work on a series of paintings featuring the 'Greenman' and 'Old man Winter' aka Jack Frost.

The wonderful thing about imagination is that it will take you wherever you wish!

I'm currently working on 'Jack in the Green' a precocious young man heralding the start of spring and 'The May Queen' who has the colourful beauty and vibrancy of Summer.

I still teach and run an art classes for adults at Laurence Mathews Art Shop in Southend-on-Sea.

If you wish to commission me or to see more of my work please visit my website at or email me on

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Sue White Art
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